Saturday, October 14, 2006

Word Of The Day


Pronunciation: 'shä-den-"froi-dah
Definition: enjoyment obtained from the troubles of others

Now I try, really try hard to be a good person, but sometimes life throws you something so delicious, so utterly delightful that you can't help but derive some pleasure from it.

I found out yesterday that a person I used to have dealings with on a regular basis, who caused major amounts of stress & suckage to my life & the lives of people that I love, has been having some personal setbacks ~ due entirely to his own behaviour. Karma finally kicked in for him, & kicked hard. In the heiny. With a steel-toed boot.

I can't help but feel a teeny, tiny, wee bit of glee. I know, I know, I'll pay for it later, but right now, I'm enjoying the moment.


Oh Joy said...

Oh geez really? Laughing at others is a bad thing? It comes back and kicks you? Shoot.

Wilma said...

Karma kicked him cuz he was stupid, manipulative & mean.
I don't think we'll get kicked for laughing at his misfortune, except maybe at the Pearly Gates.

Oh Joy said...

But what if you are laughing at others who aren't so stupid manipulative and mean? THen what happens to you? (see it's like you've become some sort of guru to me.)

Wilma said...

Then Karma definately kicks you in the butt.

& you're in a heap of trouble if I've become some sort of guru ~ even though I am a super-genius.