Friday, October 13, 2006

When Will I Learn?

I just HAD to have a big bowl of popcorn while watching the Roughrider/Alouette game tonight {woohoo, we won by ONE point on the last play of the game!!} & now I am so bloated I seriously think I'm going to die... or explode... or die by explosion. Either way, I'm in rough shape. I mean, damnit Jim, I'm a lazy couch-potato not a doctor, but I think I can diagnose death by popcorn when I feel it.

For someone with an extremely sensitive digestive tract, you'd think I'd have learned by now.


Oh Joy said...

That's some serious info about you. Imagine if I would have seen you at the Shop Easy, I would have thought 'oh, she's put on weight'. But then I would have read THIS and known it isn't weight, it's bloating due to popcorn. **WHEW**

Wilma said...

Yes, that's exactly right. Any time you see me looking chunky, it's popcorn bloat & nothing else!

Oh Joy said...

Great. Now I will know EXACTLY the nights you ate popcorn.