Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Top 6 Things To Avoid Doing As A Couple

There are just some tasks that we are all better off tackling alone, or with a friend, but not with the partner in our lives. Fights ensue, stuff is thrown, things are said, & feelings are hurt.

So, if you want a happy & healthy relationship, I've found it's best to avoid doing the following with your sweetheart:

6. Defrosting the fridge
5. Peeling wallpaper
4. Painting
3. Picking out patio furniture online
2. Grocery shopping when you are both hungry
1. Spend more than 4 complete days together without a break


Anonymous said...

--Palnting a garden--- you may put the seeds on the wrong side of the string.
BUY @ the local Farmer's Market.
--Income Tax Season
Go to an accountant
-- Reading a road map
Sit in back seat , let your offspring do it.

Wilma said...

YES! Planting a garden. You may, God forbid, opt to not use a string. This leads to anarchy & the apocolypse.