Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Top 6 Scary Movies

I don't watch a lot of scary movies ~ my over-active imagination makes them treacherous for me as they result in mega nightmares. But, over the course of my 35 years {yikes! 35!} I have managed to sit through a few frightening films, & here are my Top 6 scariest, in no particular order:

6. The Omen ~ freaky little kid! Aha! Maybe this is the reason why I am a CBC?
5. Cat's Eye ~ freaky little gremlin! This is the reason why I can't sleep with a limb dangling off the bed.
4. Psycho ~ freaky shower scene! This is the reason I have glass shower doors.
3. The Sixth Sense ~ freaky story! This is the reason I look over my shoulder in a darkened room.
2. Children of the Corn ~ freaky situation! Watched this movie alone at my sister's in Saskatoon while she was out for the evening & I was 14 or 15. This is the reason I dislike Drumheller.
1. Fright Night ~ freaky glowing eyes! This is the reason I fear vampires.


Anonymous said...

What about'The Birds'?? Frenky birds watching you from the telephones lines... always wary walking past large gatherings, especially crows, its the beaks!

Anonymous said...

Forgot to say,haven't actually seen 'Children of the corn', but don't think you need to, to find Drumheller spooky. I've always found the Badlands eerie. You wouldn't get me walking out there alone at night....

Oh Joy said...

Oh The Birds, that's a bad one. Confirmed all my fears. I thought of it as more of a documentary than an actual movie...

I hate horror films.

Wilma said...

The reason "CHildren of the Corn" is linked to Drumheller in my mind is in the movie, these people are driving around lost & every road they turn on - no matter which direction - there is a sign pointing to the town where the children live.

Just like anywhere you go in Alberta, no matter which direction you turn, there is a sign pointing you to Drumheller.


Wilma said...

Also, haven't seen "The Birds".

My scary movie experience is really limited - took me a long time to even remember 6 scary movies that I've seen! (thanks to help from Puffy Kracker)