Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Top 6 Favourite Concerts

On the way to Regina last weekend, Fancy Pants & I decided to make a list of all the bands we've seen perform live. This took at least 3 hours of our traveling time, & I'm pretty sure it's not complete yet.

The problem is that a)we weren't always sober while attending these events. b) we can't remember all the opening bands who played for the headliners {sometimes it was better to forget}. and c) we didn't attend every concert together, so we can't quite remember which we saw, & which we just heard about.

Anyway, out of the 55 on my list, I've sweated, toiled, strained my brain & finally came up with my Top 6 favourite performances. So here they are, in order:

6. Jethro Tull ~ for sheer surprise at how much I enjoyed this, considering I didn't know ONE of their songs pre-concert
5. Honeymoon Suite ~ for sheer pleasure for a rabid teenage fan
4. Cher ~ for the sheer spectacle of a 40-year veteran of show biz
3. The Who ~ for the sheer amazement that they would ever tour again in my/their lifetime
2. Madonna ~ for the sheer... who am I kidding? It's freakin' Madonna!
1. Sir Tom Jones ~ for the sheer lurve of this man as a singer, performer & consummate professional.

This was the hardest Top 6 to figure out, & I may change my mind at a later date. And don't worry, somehow I will manage to mention all 55 in subsequent posts, for the sheer pleasure of boasting.

The word of the day is "sheer".

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