Monday, October 30, 2006

Time Change Weekend

Be forewarned, boys & girls, it was time change weekend & everything is out of whack again! All your TV shows will be on a different time, & if you're phoning friends out of province, remember to account for that, too.

I was informed of the time change by Velvis, who lives in the land of oil & cattle, but forgot again {Alzheimer's, or headache bump, take your pick} until I noticed the clock here at DBM was wrong. So I had to go in and piss around with HTML & fix. What a waste of my precious time.

I am a firm believer in not changing our clocks. I like that here in the land of the living skies we refuse to assimilate, we refuse to participate in this anachronistic ritual ~ note big word, super-genius! Last year, or mayhaps the year before I don't quite remember {again, the big "A" or headache bump} there were grumblings in the media that our Premier was tossing around the idea of going to Daylight Savings Time. This angered me so much that I wrote emails to him & other members of the legislature loudly voicing my opposition. I can't remember to tie my damn shoes sometimes, how am I supposed to remember to change my damn clocks? None of my clocks run on the right time anyway, but that's a whole other matter.

What angers me about this whole debate, more than anything else, is that we are not considered our own time zone. In the summer, we're "Mountain Standard Time" and now we're on "Central Standard Time". What rot! We should have our own time zone. We're the only province in this great country of ours that remains where we are all year round, & we should be regarded as unique, not hangers-on with the others, flip-flopping back & forth willy-nilly.

If you need to adjust the time on your computer ~ if you have a PC ~ there is a time zone called Saskatchewan. Why isn't it official? Why doesn't it show up anywhere else?

I've got it! We should all write letters lobbying for our own time zone called "WSPT" We Stay Put Time. Ok, it's early in the morning for me, that's as witty as it gets. But I'd like to hear your suggestions, too. Maybe once I have a nap, something brilliant & super-geniuslike will come to me. Don't hold your breath.

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