Monday, October 02, 2006

Still For Sale

1979 Travelair trailer purchased by Conrad & Bronco Bill in 81 ~ first owners. It's a 17 foot, has a fridge, stove, sink, 2 beds down and 1 up, bathroom {okay, small enclosed space with a toilet in it} and is the perfect size for a couple or family with young kids. It weighs 3000 lbs {for you younger types, that means "pounds"} empty, if that helps you calculate whether your vehicle can tow it or not. It can. I assure you. Please buy the trailer.

This has been babied like you wouldn't believe ~ wood placed in front of the tires to protect the rubber, garbage bags blocking the sun through the windows to avoid fading of the interior ~ and it's going cheap. So please buy this trailer.

If you or someone you love are looking for a great vacation on wheels {hell, even if a stranger on the street mentions in passing that they would like to buy a camping trailer} please get in touch with Moi & I will set you up. I've got connections with the owners, see, & can get you a sweet deal to buy this trailer now!

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Nice trailer! By the way, I found a web site that has hit counters for your blog. Here is the address: