Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I Have A Twin

Received an email this morning from a friend who was watching TLC's "What Not to Wear" this weekend. The lady getting help is apparently my twin {although without my style & taste}. If it hadn't been for the New Jersey accent, my friend would have sworn it was me as we have identical looks & mannerisms!

Did anyone else catch this episode, & do you concur? I believe her name was Jennifer.

I don't know how thrilled I am that some style-challenged New Jersian is out there with my face & personality, flaunting her ill-conceived wardrobe to the world. People might think it was me! I've worked hard & spent a lot of Puffy Kracker's money to become less laughable & more stylish ~ thanx much, Betty, for the reality check & your advice BTW ~ and don't relish the idea that 'Jennifer' is wandering around undoing all my hard work!

It's funny how everyone does have a twin. I remember sitting in a class in university & looking over at this chick thinking "Damn, her profile looks really familiar, who does she remind me of?" Yeah, it was me! Straight on, not as much, but we shared a profile. There is also a woman in PA who apparently looks, acts & laughs like me {not an easy feat, as sometimes I don't even laugh like me} & has a very similar name. Spooky!

That's another thing we have to watch out for. I know of 3 other Wilma Flintstones out there, one is married to my cousin. Name twins are the scariest, cuz you never know what info of yours they are sent in error. My sister-in-law once received another girl's income tax return info in the mail. Same name, completely different SIN number, but the government screwed up & put sis-in-law's address on the envelope. Then they argued with her when she called about it!

But government screw-ups could lead to a whole other rant, & I've got guitar to practice & lines to learn.

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