Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Curse Is Broken!

Riders win against Winnipeg in the annual Labour Day Classic 39 - 12 & I got to watch the game! I didn't jinx them!

Although, in all honesty, I must tell you that every time I left the room they made a really good play or scored a touchdown, so maybe it's just a slight lifting of the curse not a full reprieve.

Also, may I just point out once again THEY WORE THEIR BLACK PANTS!! With their snazzy black jerseys.

I should SO be the coach.


Oh Joy said...

I stand corrected. It's the pant-a-loons.

Wilma said...

I know! Who knew? (I mean, besides me of course)

Let's hope they continue to wash & wear.

Oh Joy said...

Surely they can afford two pairs a each?!

Wilma said...

I don't know, they run on a pretty tight budget.
I think they spend any extra cash on tattoos.

Oh Joy said...

Well you would know, you are their coach.