Saturday, July 22, 2006

Where Do The Blogs Go?

I'm a little sad right now. Just discovered that one of my favourite blogs that I just stumbled on out there in cyberspace is no longer with us. I can only assume it's been deleted by the author. It really cheeses me off cuz I checked that blog faithfully every other day & enjoyed reading all the wacky things that happened to the lady that wrote it.

Don't worry, boys & girls. If ol' Wilma ever decides to give up the ghost, pack it in, kick the proverbial blog bucket {all right, enough, they get the point ~ moving on} I'll give plenty of fair warning so you can all post comments to talk me out of it.

Because, really, what's a day without a peek into the inner workings of a super-genius? It would be very dark, very dark & sad indeed.

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