Saturday, July 08, 2006

Kermit Was Right...'s not easy being green.

The Riders played the Stamps today and, I'm appalled to say, got stamped.

End of 1st quarter, the score was 20-7 for Calgary.
At the half, 20-20 tie ~ brilliant playing and a fabulous comeback for the Green & White.
Then, apparently, they all went and took an extra-strength sedative {mayhaps amitriptolene or prozac by the BUCKET ~ did they get into Wilma's stash?} cuz the rest of the game was a game show special. That's right, boys and girls, GONG SHOW!
Final score, Calgary 53, Saskatchewan 36.

Why, why, oh why do they insist on playing brilliantly for the 2nd quarter only and then completely giving up on the game after halftime, only to realize when there's 5 minutes left that "oh, we're still playing the game, we better do something"? Did no one ever explain to these estrogen-challenged beings that there are 60 minutes in a game, not 30?

Now, I ask you, how am I going to put a positive spin on this when I go to work on Tuesday and the guy I harass all summer for being a Bomber fan comes strutting in with a shit-eating grin on his face? It wouldn't be so bad, but Winnipeg has won their last three games. Oh, the horror, the humiliation!

It's going to be a loooooong season.

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