Sunday, June 04, 2006

Trailer For Sale Or Rent

All right, it's not for rent. Just for sale. I just REALLY love that song. If you ever invite me to a karoake party you better have that song or I won't attend. And that would be a sad, sad day for everyone.
I digress.

Conrad and Bronco Bill have a camping trailer for sale. It's a 1979 something-or-other {can't remember, headache bump pressing on the fact-bank part of my brain} they bought it in 81 ~ first owners. It's a 17 foot, has a fridge, stove, sink, 2 beds down and 1 up, bathroom {okay, small enclosed space with a toilet in it} and is the perfect size for a couple or family with young kids. It's in great shape ~ well, except for the bullethole.
But again, I digress.

I have many, many, MANY memories of camping with this thing, with my family, with Puffy Kracker, with .... no wait, that's it. But I've been grounded in that trailer ~ good story, I'll tell it sometime ~ survived 3 days camping in the rain in that trailer, been to family reunions, been drunk {what a shock! I'm shocked and appalled!} and hungover in that trailer. Ah, good times. {moment of silence}

So, if you're interested, or know someone who is, let me know and I'll get you more details. I looked for a photo but alas and alack, I am SO unorganized. No clue where they are.


Wilma said...

Found out today it's a Travelair.
Fancy Schmancy!

Anonymous said...

I have passed this on to a friend (yes, I have a friend) who is looking for a camper, not sure what they want in a camper but if they want some drunken times at the lake--then I understand your camper is a great one for that.


Wilma said...

There's something about the air in the camper. Maybe it's the orange curtains or the brown plaid cushions on the seats, it's really hard to say. But near impossible to remain sober.

Anonymous said...

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