Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Top 6 Favourite Male Actors

I enjoy watching movies, am addicted to TV and freely admit to star-stalking while in LA. The following men make my pants want to get up & dance. And this IS in the order of how they stand in my heart {and loins, in all honesty}.

6. Nathan Fillion
~ New kid on the block, and a sweet Canadian boy, he recently came to my attention in "Serenity" and perhaps some other projects, but to be honest, for the longest time I thought he was Jason Bateman. He'll maybe have a chance to move up the list if he plays his cards right and buys this gal a martini!

5. Charlie Sheen ~ He's just so bad! Who else could openly admit to being a regular client of the notorious Heidi Fliess, accidently shoot your girlfriend {Kelly Preston no less}, marry a, ahem, "model" and get divorced 4 months and 24 days later, and weather the wrathful, vengeful storm of allegations of abuse from Denise and still look this hot? Not many.

4. Jerry O'Connell
~ Great body, GREAT body, pretty face, engaged to Rebecca Romijn....Well, nobody's perfect. He's an amazing actor who started out in "Stand by Me" and just kept on going. Currently in "Crossing Jordan". And did I mention he has a great body? Ah, yes, the body. Let's have a moment of silence while we give his 6 pack the contemplation and attention that it deserves.

3. Matt Dillon ~ This man has been on my "Must Watch" list since he first showed up on my radar in a little flick called "Over the Edge". All those teen angst films. {sigh} And he showed us in "There's Something About Mary" that he can laugh at himself. He's just a bad boy looking for someone to love him. I have a suggestion....

2. Kiefer Sutherland ~ yummy Canadian man. Recently filed for divorce from wife numero deux because he is coming for me. He will be my 2nd husband and we will live happily for many years together, until his drinking, late nights and overbearing father drive me straight into the arms of

1. John Cusack ~ He's going to be my third husband. I love this man SOOOO much that I will even watch movies with HorseFace Roberts in them if he's a part of it. That's dedication. Or obsession? Anyway, who cares? Look at him. He's never been married because he is saving himself for me.

Notice that they are all single, number 1-5 were child actors who continued on with success and not TOO much legal troubles {Charlie, Kiefer, talking to you} all are over 30 and all except Kiefer have dark hair. Hmmmm, what colour is Puffy's coif

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