Friday, May 12, 2006

Why Is It SOOOO Hard To Do The Right Thing?

I've never downloaded a song without paying for it. Call me a sucker, stupid, whatever but I'm so scared of getting a virus that I avoid the free download sites like a drunken uncle at an open-bar wedding. I've only ever gotten songs from the Puretracks website. I do feel that the people who make their songs should be paid for them, unless of course I can copy from a friend or get someone else to download them for me.

Puretracks is making it almost impossible for me to "do the right thing". For one thing, their website is slower than Wilma the morning after martini night. As well, around half of the songs I'm searching for aren't available. Now I know I have some eclectic tastes and enjoy obscure music and movies, but come on! "Seasons in the Sun" by Terry Jacks? This is a classic. A CANADIAN classic that a CANADIAN website should carry. Oh, don't get me wrong, they do have the song. But it's by Nana Muskouri. Nana Muskouri? For the love of all things holy! Terry Jacks made that song what it is today, selling over 6 million copies in 1974. I even have it on a 45.

I'm trying to make a mixed CD for Puffy Kracker with all his favourite songs of the 70's. So I go onto Puretracks, put the ones I can find (6 out of 9) in the cart and checkout. Input Visa info, click on submit and .... nothing. Doesn't go through. Website has a brain fart. So try to do it again. The 6 songs are still in the cart. Total at checkout, however, is Zero. Now I'm in limbo. Have the songs been charged to the Visa? Who knows. Where are the songs? Apparently still in the cart. When will I be able to make my mix CD and do this wonderful romantic thing for my new husband? Maybe never.

I sent them a snotty email requesting their immediate assistance. How long before a reply? I'm taking bets.


Wilma said...

I'm impressed! Two hours later, an email from the help desk. Hopefully the instructions work.

Anonymous said...

Just curious if the instructions worked?????


Wilma said...

They did, and I have the songs. Puffy loves his CD and plays it all the time.

I just don't understand the need for any of this. The friggin' thing should just work the first time without me having a fit and emailing snotty things.