Thursday, March 09, 2006

What a Difference a Minute Makes

So I came home from K-Town ready to do battle ~ fully prepared to tear a "shall-remain-nameless" person a new one (refer to 'Stress and How to Handle It' to find out why this person needed a new one torn out). Checked my phones messages and voila! Message from said person saying they had actually accomplished something. No need for a tearing today.
Is that relief or disappointment I feel? Definately disappointment. Haven't had to use the claws for quite a while, and they are in need of a good sharpening on someone's behind. Those who know me, beware! I have been robbed of a good ranting bitch session and I hate to be denied. My blood is up, and someone in my life shall feel the wrath of Wilma! Mwaaaah-hahahaha!


HoneyBaby said...

Tearing a strip out of someone is the best! And I mean, the greatest high. Don't you think? Not only do you feel that release, but it clears your head and sinuses all in one beltola!

But when you are denied the opportunity it makes for a real downer. You build yourself up, you muster up all the vile words you need in order to blow your stack, to be knocked back down by their willingness to comply. Then you hate the person even more.

Which might not be a bad you have a reason to phone them back with a new rant!

Wilma said...

Clears the sinuses - I love it! So true. More orgasmic than a head shaking sneeze.
It IS a downer to be denied a good rant, and the symptoms mimic a hangover - right down to the headache. Oh wait, I still have my headache (three weeks and counting, for those of you keeping track).

HoneyBaby said...

Mimic a hangover...I couldn't agree more.

I'm thinking that your so-called headache may be mimicking the above comment. Which bottle is your new best friend now... whiskey or aspirin?

Wilma said...

Tylenol and chocolate martinis ~ obviously (rolls eyes heavenward)

Wilma said...

Oh yeah, and the headache is in it's fourth week. Sheesh, I lost track of it!