Thursday, March 09, 2006

What a Difference a Minute Makes

So I came home from K-Town ready to do battle ~ fully prepared to tear a "shall-remain-nameless" person a new one (refer to 'Stress and How to Handle It' to find out why this person needed a new one torn out). Checked my phones messages and voila! Message from said person saying they had actually accomplished something. No need for a tearing today.
Is that relief or disappointment I feel? Definately disappointment. Haven't had to use the claws for quite a while, and they are in need of a good sharpening on someone's behind. Those who know me, beware! I have been robbed of a good ranting bitch session and I hate to be denied. My blood is up, and someone in my life shall feel the wrath of Wilma! Mwaaaah-hahahaha!


Wilma said...

Clears the sinuses - I love it! So true. More orgasmic than a head shaking sneeze.
It IS a downer to be denied a good rant, and the symptoms mimic a hangover - right down to the headache. Oh wait, I still have my headache (three weeks and counting, for those of you keeping track).

Wilma said...

Tylenol and chocolate martinis ~ obviously (rolls eyes heavenward)

Wilma said...

Oh yeah, and the headache is in it's fourth week. Sheesh, I lost track of it!