Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Up and Running

Okay, it's official, the blog is here!
Today when I drove downtown for the weekly lunch date with Betty, J-Rod and Kred, I was almost hit by someone who either needs their eyes checked, had an itchy trigger foot, or was just plain stupid. I vote for stupid. Yes, I am aware that we had a foot of snow last night and the streets aren't cleared yet, but clearly this person (driving a bright blue older SUV with 2 doors - you know who you are) needs a refresher course. They were paused at the yield, I was coming down the hill with the right away, and they started driving through the intersection before I was past it, narrowly missing the back bumper of my vehicle.
Now that I read it in black and white, it doesn't seem as traumatic or dangerous as it seemed at the time, but trust me it was a "piss-me-off" moment. I had a nice little rant to Betty about it, and felt so much better that I treated myself to a chocolate muffin for dessert. Mmmmmmm, muffin!


Anonymous said...

Was it a Death Bed Moment ?

I thought not.

Anonymous said...

exactly a king size bed with a king size man