Wednesday, March 22, 2006

A New Way to Get Out of Work

The other day I woke up at 8 am (all by myself, without the alarm clock or anything) and I was GRUMPY! I don't mean, just a little upset to be up so early, I mean MURDER DEATH KILL grumpy. Got called into work, then was even more grumpy because I had some stuff to do ~ quite possibly had been putting that stuff off, I procrastinate a teeny bit ~ so stomped around the house. Had a fight with Puffy Kracker which really did nothing to improve my mood either. Yes, it was his fault ;-)
Arrived at work, stomped in {according to my boss, more of a flounce really} threw my purse on the desk and announced "I'm here for two hours so you better get going on your lunch breaks cuz I'm grumpy and I've got stuff to do!" Took my jacket off and the three ladies I work with just looked at me, kinda like I was a lab specimen for dissection. My boss said "If you're so grumpy you can't even give us a smile when you come in, you better go home!" So I did.
Now I'm not recommending this course of action to anyone who has high hopes of advancing in their career, but for those of us who work just because it gets you out of the house and funds a few trips and sears orders here and there, it works well! Although, maybe it only works with my boss. So use this technique with discretion at your own risk.
I have to say it cracks me up to think about it, and when my boss tells the story it's even funnier cuz she does this whole flouncing, brisk shoulder movement thing that is just killer.
I will admit that 10 hours later, when I had finally calmed down (spent the day sewing and that's a story in itself, believe me. Suffice it to say that Puffy stayed in the computer room all day ~ farthest room away from the sewing room ~ and didn't venture out until he heard the swearing stop) I sent the ladies an email thanking them for their understanding and apologizing for being so bitchy.


Anonymous said...

suck it up girly, welcome to the real world--grouchy or not--we have to work!!

love yah

Anonymous said...

WORK -- my cell phone is on 24 / 7
Never put off happiness , as there's no time like the pleasant.

Wilma said...

yes, it was the same day you saw me. It really was that bad ~ I really was that grumpy. Plus they weren't that busy (as you remember).
Definately NOT a death bed moment, unless you count funny things that happened in your life that you think of to make yourself laugh over the death rattle.