Thursday, March 16, 2006

My Top 6 Favorite Blog Moments...Thus Far

Okay, a lot has happened in the last two weeks here at "Death Bed Moment" and I'd like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the things that I've enjoyed most on this journey thus far ~ in no particular order:
6. The quantifying of "The Death Bed Moment" into sizes - twin, double, queen and king. Thank you honeybunny for that fabulous addition to a super-genius idea.
5. My much older and not very wiser sister choosing the screen name "Whoopi". There are 4 people on this planet who know why she did that, and it made me laugh so hard remembering. Ah, good times.
4. The hypothesis that mace stimulates the part of your brain that says "I don't wanna do it". Kudos HB. You crack me up.
3. The fact that I've gotten emails from people I haven't talked to in months, all because of a little, teeny, tiny note I modestly sent out to everyone in my address book quietly mentioning that I'd started a blog. Thanks for your kind comments and derision. All is appreciated. And all will appear in the blog at one point or another.
2. Using my brain to come up with interesting and amusing nicknames for the people in my life. Those who know me know who I'm talking about for the most part, but it's really stretching my creative powers. There are a few people who I haven't written about yet, cuz I'm stumped for a good nickname. FancyPants, where are you when I need you?
1. Whenever something funny or interesting happens in my life, I can now say "Oh, this is SO going in my blog!" And I do say that on a regular basis. In fact, just 7 times tonight in the Golden Derrick Lounge.

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