Sunday, March 19, 2006

Damn Roads! Splurge Trip Cancelled

So after consulting the man at the gas station, checking the highways webpage, and talking to the local RCMP Black Betty, Pebbles and I decided that we would not attempt the trip to "The Big City" for my splurge shopping. As much as we all love to spend spend SPEND we figured it wasn't worth dying for. But MAN that $400 was burning a hole in my pocket.
We consoled ourselves with brunch, and then went shopping at the only clothing store in town. Managed to do quite nicely, whittled the splurge money down to a remaining $50.
Now I would love to blame the Department of Holidays on the dangerous Murder-Death-Kill road conditions but unfortunately the weather was the culprit. I guess they issue travel advisories for a reason, but Damn! I wanted to buy some shoes and a bathing suit.
We did spend a nice day together, watching movies, working on arts & crafts for theatre, and eating lots of cheese & crackers. I think Pebbles enjoyed the day away from the Sprogs and it was nice for us to reconnect as we haven't been able to spend a lot of time together ~ just us Bedrock girls.
To console myself {still pouting hours later, I have a right!} I ventured into the Sears webpage and ordered up a couple things. Okay, $500 worth. I'm sure half won't fit, and the other half I won't like but it made me feel better and we all know how much I like to "Charge it!".
Shopping, even online, is really fun. A highly underrated recreational activity in my opinion.


Anonymous said...

$500? Well done! How'd ya manage? I thought that the stuff you wanted only totalled $150.

Damn roads!!

Wilma said...

Yeah, uh, may have gotten a little carried away.

Anonymous said...

the shopping channel ONLINE
And delivery to your door.
Hope u checked out Sears, "outlet site".
Sears posts two specials a day.